FCPSOn BrightBytes Survey

September 28, 2017

Dear Rocky Run Parents,

We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational research and analytics company, in order to learn more about our students’ school and home technology use for learning.

We are reaching out to ask you to take part in our school questionnaire. Your participation though optional, is essential in helping us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning in our students’ lives. Please know that all of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy and they will help your child's school choose the right technology for their classrooms. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Your child has also been asked to complete a BrightBytes survey that will help their school choose the right technology for their classroom. Their answers, though optional, are very important! If you do not wish for your child participate in the survey, let them know their participation is not required.

The fall survey window will be from October 2nd – October 16th.

Please go to https://bbyt.es/start/Q384C to complete the survey.