FCPSOn Laptop Support: Summer 2020

Get support for your FCPSOn laptop this summer: 

Please use this form to communicate the following information: 

  • If you need to pick up/drop off your FCPSOn computer. 
  • If you need to pick up/drop off your FCPSOn charger. 
  • If you need your computer repaired. 

If were had your original laptop in for repair prior to FCPS school shutdown please continue to use the FCPSOn loaner for the remainder of the school year. Your originally assigned laptop will be reassigned as needed and the loaner will be assigned you. 

We will be collecting 8th grade laptops the end of July. We will be swapping out 7th grade laptops mid-August. Please watch for News You Choose updates or check out previous News You Choose bulletins.

Thank you! 

Contact: Yvette Wilde, ypwilde@fcps.edu