Continuity of Learning (COL) Summer 2020

Information about our continuity of learning for summer 2020.

Welcome to the summer months with FCPS's Continuity of Learning program. This program is a virtual learning opportunity for students spanning from June 29 to July 31. It is designed to provide a review of the concepts learned during the 19-20 school year with weekly support from a Rocky Run teacher.

Students will receive a workbook in English and a workbook in math via mail by June 29 to support content practice. The content of the workbook will match the courses the students just completed. For example, if a student was enrolled in English 7 and in Pre-Algebra during the school year that recently ended, the workbooks arriving in the mail will complement these courses. 

Teachers will be available through office hours. Participating students will independently practice topics covered in the workbook before each session and then attend office hours with one of our teachers. The teachers will answer questions, clarify concepts, or provide feedback to help students have a more robust understanding of current content that will better prepare them for the next level course.

Digital versions of the workbooks will be posted on the resources section below. Students can choose to use these workbooks to support their learning and they can sign up to attend office hours at any time between June 29 and July 31. 

We want all students to have access to the summer office hours. Students who want to ask summer teachers a question about the content of the workbooks on a week-to-week basis can complete this form to request access. 


RRMS Continuity of Learning Coordinator