ESSER III Funding at Rocky Run

Rocky Run has utilized the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds in different areas to support our school community. Read here some of the ways the funds have been invested to benefit our students.

By Sandra Meador, RRMS Student Support Dean
February 23, 2022

Rocky Run Middle School and its Multi-Tiered Systems of Support team have worked to establish a comprehensive plan to allocate and invest the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds in ways that support student growth, development, and success.  

Rocky Run has enhanced its student support practices as a result of the funding allocation to the school. The school has incorporated a program called RISE to align the previously existing support strategies with the additional and current work that the grant has enabled the school to implement. 

Together We--- Reconnect, Reflect, RISE

The practices and strategies Rocky Run has implemented are:

  • Socio-emotional learning available to students during Learning Seminar through newly purchased resources.
  • After-school content support in English and Math with Rocky Run highly qualified staff.
  • Practice and enhancement of problem solving skills through critical-thinking resources available in the library during and after school.
  • Culturally responsive literature that increases student connections to texts and increases interest in a variety of books and cultures.
  • English and Math learning and practice of skills through digital platforms like Newsela, Formative, MathSpace, Waypoints, and other educational sites providing high-quality content for students.
  • Tools to enhance conceptual learning of math through resources that build and reinforce connections among and between mathematical ideas.

Check it out! 

Our implementation of ESSER III funds was highlighted in a recent feature on the FCPS website: Board Games, Backpacks and Boosting Academics: Rocky Run Middle School Taps Pandemic Funds to Assist All Students