Let's Get Reading!

Scroll down to read more about the Rocky Run Readers Choice program and the Battle of the Books club that are offered at Rocky Run!

2021-2022 Rocky Run Readers Choice (3RC)

Book Covers of the 3RC titles

What is the 3RC program?

This year, we are trying something new and instead of Virginia Readers Choice, the library is offering Rocky Run Readers Choice! (3RC). These are the top 10 titles that we recommend for all Rocky Run students. There are fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novel choices - something for everyone!

These 10 books will be on display for students to read at their own pace. Students can read one or all ten books - it is up to them! Throughout the year, we will have events for students who have read these books. This is an optional activity, but many students find great titles this way that they would not find otherwise.

Click here to view a PDF with linked book trailers for each title!

If you'd like to start reading early, all titles are available at the public library, and many are available as ebooks on MackinVIA for students to start reading! (NOTE: Students, log in with your student ID and your fcpsschools password to access.)

2021-2022 Battle of the Books Selections

List of Battle of the Books titles for 21-22

NOTE: Some titles are available on MackinVIA as ebooks. You can also access the books using the Fairfax County Public Library, Amazon, Audible, etc.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to start reading these titles over the summer!

Battle of the Books Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - click here!

Battle of the Books Trailers - click here!

Battle of the Books Application - Applications will be posted closer to school starting in August. Applications must be printed and returned to Mrs. Grover in the library by the due date on the application.