Read. Tech. Make. Connect.

If you are looking for ideas for the Read. Make. Tech. Connect. box or want to do some fun stuff this summer, this list is for you!

Use any of the ideas below to complete the Read.Make.Tech.Connect. box on the Rock Your Summer activity:


  • Check out the Summer Reading Recommendations based on topic.
  • Select a title from the Past Lists of recommended titles for Battle of the Books, Virginia Readers Choice, and 3RC lists 
  • Check out these Virtual Libraries from MyON to learn more about different middle school subject areas! (NOTE: Requires an fcpsschools account to access)
  • Or something else! Enjoy what you're reading this summer. :)


  • Explore some writing ideas with Jason Reynolds on Write.Right.Rite. 
  • Work with a friend or sibling. Set the timer and begin writing a story. When the timer goes off, switch stories and continue writing their story. Repeat a few times, then read your stories out loud!
  • Summarize the best or worst day in six words.
  • If your pet could suddenly talk to you for 10 minutes, what would it say? 
  • What do you think school will be like in 50 years?


  • Have a friend or family member draw a large squiggle on a piece of paper. Then, use it to create a drawing or work of art! Learn more with this video.
  • Have someone find 4 different materials for you from outside or around your house. Create something new! 
  • Create an origami butterfly from a dollar bill or regular paper
  • Use some aluminum foil to create a sculpture that stands on its own.
  • Quick challenge! How detailed of a drawing can you create in 1 minute?
  • Explore the Virtual Makerspace and do an activity there! (use your fcpsschools login)



  • Explore the world with virtual field trips!
  • Learn about what's going on in the world with
  • Learn about other people’s experiences through the StoryCorps website. 
  • Ask an older relative to share what it was like growing up and historical events they lived through.
  • Watch popular author interviews on the library YouTube channel.