Raise the Ram Expectations

Summary of our Raise the Ram Expectations

Our students are Respectful, Accountable and Motivated (RAM)

Each expectation is broken down into four categories:

  1. Non Instructional
  2. Cafeteria, Library, Theatre
  3. Classrooms
  4. Technology


Respectful of self, others and property

Non Instructional

Cafeteria, Library & Theatre



Pay attention to where you are going


Hands to yourself

Appropriate language and voice level

Line up again the wall when waiting for a teacher outside of a classroom

Appropriate language and voice

Use please and thank you when talking to adults and other students

Listen to directions from adults

Appropriate language and voice

Raise your hand

Allow classmates to learn

Follow classroom rules

Follow teacher expectations for collaboration and individual work

Ear buds away

Treat others with dignity and respect with pictures and social media

Use technology for intended purpose only during class



Non Instructional

Cafeteria, Library & Theatre



Purposeful movement

Be on the way to class at warning bell

Clean up after yourself

Use manners

Uphold deadlines

On time and on task

Be prepared with and monitor your own materials

Put supplies away and clean up after yourself

Use classroom supplies appropriately

Prepare sufficiently for all types of assessments

Demonstrate academic integrity:

  • Do your own work
  • Collaborate only when teacher directed

Keep technology safe/secure

Use technology appropriately

Bring charged computer to class each day

Leave phone in the classroom when using a hall/bathroom pass

Keep track of laptop, laptop charger, and laptop sleeve


Non Instructional

Cafeteria, Library & Theatre



Lend a hand - give support

Be Positive - give compliments

Model good citizenship

Be inclusive to all students

Be aware of work for custodial and cafeteria staff

Be actively engaged in all activities

Give your best effort

Encourage classmates

Focus on learning and personal growth

Communicate your needs to your teacher

Try new tools to support learning

Maintain laptop; seek assistance when needed