Library Procedures

General Info


The library is open everyday from 7:05am-2:25pm.


We encourage students in middle school to learn themselves and what they can handle. Students are allowed to check out as many books as they can responsibly care for. For some students, that may be one book and for others, it may be ten books. 

We never deny a student a book, regardless of interest, reading ability or maturity level. Parents can enforce checkout limits and requirements with their own student, but the library does not interfere with a student's choices when checking out.

Books and other materials are stamped with a due date, three weeks from the date of check out. Students are welcome to renew items unless another student is on hold for that title.

If a book is already checked out by someone else, students can place a hold. When the book is returned, the library will send a message to the student via Schoology.

Overdues & Lost Books

We do not charge fines for overdue materials. Students are responsible for returning their items on or before the due date. Once a quarter, students with overdue materials receive an email at their fcpsschools address reminding them to return the items they have out.

Mistakes happen! Students who lose or damage items checked out to them will be asked to pay for it or provide a new copy of the lost book.

Online Resources

Students are welcome to use databases purchased centrally by Fairfax County. Access these resources using the Library Schoology course.

Students have access to eBooks and audiobooks using MackinVIA. These resources can also be found on World Book Online and Links for all of these resources are also on the Library Schoology course.