After-School Program

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Timely Information

General Information for 2022-2023 School Year

After-School Announcements:  

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - There will be no after-school activities on the following school days: 10/7, 10/28, 11/21, 11/22, 12/16, 1/13, 1/24, 2/17, 3/2, 3/31, 4/13.

A few important after-school reminders:

  1. Check the weekly schedule above to see what is scheduled for next week (not every club will start during the 1st week).  You do not need to sign up in advance for any clubs.  See something you are interested in?  Plan on attending when the club gets started to learn more!  If there is sign up criteria for that club, they will review at the Interest Meeting.
  2. Check the club descriptions sheet (linked above) for club information, sponsor name, meeting location, meeting day/session, and start date (again, not all clubs will start next week).
  3. Review the After-School Preview for all after-school procedures.
  4. All students must complete the After-School Registration Form prior to staying after.
  5. You must be in a club or with a teacher at all times.  Rams Room in the cafeteria is always available for you to complete homework, work on group projects, etc.  You can't leave school grounds and then return for an after-school club.
  6. All parent pick-ups must take place by 4:30 pm.  Late buses depart between 4:30 - 4:45 pm.  Check the late bus routes that are posted under the "Resources" tab.
  7. You will need to be in your first session club by 2:30 pm.  
  8. If you are waiting to attend a club during 2nd/3rd session, you cannot leave school grounds and then return to the building.  You should attend another activity during 1st session, stay with a teacher (arrange in advance), or come to the cafeteria for Rams Room.

Community Opportunities 

Westfield Fall Dance Clinic