RRMS Family Book Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Book Club?

Family Book Club is a forum for Rocky Run students and a parent or other adult to read together and to discuss books. When discussing books, adults and students can learn from each other’s perspectives and begin to understand and appreciate the similarities and differences among themselves. This is a great opportunity to communicate with your teenager as they move forward in shaping an identity and in making good choices for the future. Please accept this invitation to support them as a lifelong reader!

When does Family Book Club meet?

There are meetings in the evening throughout the course of the school year. Different titles will be offered at each meeting with a possible author visit, too. Separate signups are sent out through News You Choose for both events, typically about 4-6 weeks in advance.

How do I join?

Watch for the News You Choose emails that give the link to sign up for a book. You need to sign up in order to reserve your spot to attend the evening meeting. 

Do I need to buy the books?

The school will loan two copies of a title for you and your student to read and enjoy prior to our book club. Mrs. Slevin, one of our reading specialists, will drop off the books to your student through English class. Feel free to read the book together or separately prior to the book club meeting.

Bring the books with you to the meeting. After the whole school book discussion, there will be a cart for you to return your loaned books. There is no paperwork required – we just want you to read and enjoy your book with your student and come prepared to talk with others who read the same title.

What if I can't make it to the meeting?

If you signed up and received the books but can no longer attend, please email Mrs. Slevin (below). Books can be returned to the main office or your student can drop them off in the library.

Does it cost anything to participate?

The event is free for families to attend! Sometimes the meetings take place the same week as our library's book fair, and the titles from Family Book Club may be available for purchase (in addition to the book fair being open for evening hours). More information will be included with your confirmation email.

How does RRMS decide which books to offer?

Usually, we base our selections around a common theme or genre. If an author will be attending Family Book Club, one or more of that author's titles will be featured.

When we introduce new titles, some factors we consider are recent outstanding literature for middle school, books that foster discussion for both adults and students, and popular books among our students.

Sometimes, due to popularity or demand for a particular book, we will reuse titles from year to year. Our goal is to provide you and your student access to many different books during your time at Rocky Run!

I have a suggestion for a title to discuss. Where can I share my idea?

We are always looking for new titles to include! Send an email to Mrs. Slevin or include your idea on the Google Form when you sign up for an event.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!