The Inspiration Studio

The Inspiration Studio in Action!

Frequently Asked Questions

What IS The Inspiration Studio?

The Inspiration Studio is a makerspace - a place for students to expand and enhance their creativity through art, building, design, coding, etc. It is naturally in the library because we encourage students to explore all of their interests and discover who they are as people.

The Inspiration Studio also provides access to all students to materials they may not have at home, including legos, electronics, technology, specialty craft supplies, etc. Students frequently try something new in our makerspace or see other students creating something they have never seen before. It's a great opportunity to learn something new - through hands-on making instead of reading!

Thanks to a generous donation by Asha-Jyothi in 2020, we launched our beautiful new Inspiration Studio in September 2021! 

When can students use The Inspiration Studio?

Typically, students are welcome to use our The Inspiration Studio during Rock Time, after school during Creativity Club or with a class. 

What kinds of things do you have in The Inspiration Studio?

So many we can't list them all here! Whether you like to build with cardboard and hot glue, code and work with circuits, make art, do green screen stuff, graphic design, or create with paper, we have all the tools and supplies you need to make your ideas a reality.

In our Virtual Makerspace, there are opportunities for digital art, music, comics, and more!

Is there a cost to use The Inspiration Studio?

No - everything we have is free for all students to use responsibly.

How can I help with The Inspiration Studio?

We would love to have you! Contact Mrs. Grover if you would like to help out.


Learn more about the reasons we created a makerspace in our library here.

We love donations from parents! Click here for items we are looking for.

Check out our Makerspace Padlet, where you can find all kinds of ideas for things to create! NOTE: This is still under construction! New resources added frequently. :)