Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration: Civics Students Explore Founding Documents

December 15, 2022

Creativity comes naturally to the Rocky Run Civics team! Teachers Katherine Bolton, Rose Cho, Andrew Dilworth, Jamie Sawatzky, and Katy Speir create numerous projects throughout the school year that allow students to share their knowledge in new ways and hone their Portrait of a Graduate skills. Most recently, students created videos explaining founding documents that led to our Constitution. 

Students enjoyed themselves during the project, but also used their Portrait of a Graduate skills as communicators, collaborators, and critical and creative thinkers. Groups were encouraged to be creative, and they rose to the challenge! As critical and creative thinkers, they used the Inspiration Studio to create their own props for their videos. For example, they developed elaborate puppet shows, created stop-motion animation videos, and used our Technology Makerspace to create green screen effects, do voice-overs, and use Stik Bots for stop-motion animation. The final products were informative, creative, and often funny! 

As collaborators, students needed to develop a plan for creating, editing, and finalizing their project. This required them to consider the perspectives of their teammates, share their ideas, and work together to create a common vision. As communicators, students worked with their teammates to ensure that all aspects of the project were completed and everyone had access to materials in the event that a teammate was unavailable due to illness or travel.The project not only reinforced important Civics content, but allowed students to use their PoG skills in an authentic way.