Digital Citizenship Support: 1st Quarter

A summary of our 1st Quarter Digital Citizenship work at RRMS.

By Pamela Galietta
November 08, 2017

Our students were given the (optional) opportunity to complete modules located in our student Google Classroom about the following Digital Citizenship topics: Information Fluency, Social Networking and Internet Safety. 

The students who completed these activities earned badges and were entered into a drawing for laptop sleeves and luggage tags. Pictures of our winners are included below! There will be optional modules posted in Google Classroom for the 2nd and 3rd quarters as well. All of the modules include a parent input portion to encourage conversations about digital citizenship at home. The topics offered align to required digital citizenship training that our teachers are completing this year. 

1st Quarter Infographics Summarizing Student Responses:

Information Fluency (.pdf)

Social Networking (.pdf)

Internet Safety (.pdf)

If you are unable to access or view these links, please contact Pam Galietta: