Mr. Harman Named 2017 Region 5 Outstanding Secondary New Teacher

Ms. van der Eijk and Ms. Jones also recognized at FCPS Honors Event

By Department of Human Resources
July 12, 2017

a picture of ken harmanCongratulations to science teacher Ken Harman who was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the 2017 Region 5 Outstanding Secondary New Teacher and one of five finalists for this year's Outstanding Secondary New Teacher Award.

A funny thing happened when Mr. Harman volunteered to help out with the Amazing Earth science lessons at his sons’ elementary school: He realized he wanted to be a teacher. So he left his job as a chiropractor to get his master’s degree and began teaching Seventh-grade science. It appears to have been the right choice. Colleagues and administrators praise Mr. Harman as an innovator and rave about the contributions he’s made in his first year, including helping implement FCPSOn 1:1, beefing up Science Night, incorporating content from other classes into his lessons, and even taking over the labs and student support for a teacher on leave. Students love spending time in his classroom with a tarantula and Mr. Hiss, the snake. They also seem pleased Mr. Harman made the switch. “I was never good at science,” said one-Seventh grader, “but I’m getting a lot better because of Mr. Harman.”

Congratulations also to the other Rocky Run Middle School employees recognized at the event.

Outstanding Secondary Teacher School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Suzanne van der Eijk, (English Teacher) 

Outstanding School-based Support Employee School-level Recipient

  • Robyn Jones, (Safety and Security Assistant)

Thank you to Joe Graczyk for all of his hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.