Multilingual Timelines in Sra. Singer's Classroom

By RRMS Spotlight on Learning
September 14, 2021

Señora Singer's students worked on an assignment titled "My Multilingual Timeline" in which they reflected on their language acquisition by developing a personal timeline.

Students began the assignment by answering questions to spark their thinking.

  • Which different languages or dialects do I speak?
  • Are there any other forms of language I use? (Slang, emoji, body language) 
  • At what ages did I start learning my different languages? 
  • How do I use my langue(s) in different ways? 

Students were then instructed to draw their multilingual timeline with a focus on: 

  • Events and people that impacted their language. 
  • Feelings in relation to their language acquisition. 
  • Vision of language in their future.