Rocky Run 7th Grade History students go on Memorials' Field Trip

By Charlie Fontz
May 05, 2018

On Wednesday and Thursday, May 2 and 3, all of Rocky Run's 7th grade History students went to DC for annual Memorials' Field Trip. The students saw all of the major Memorials in the District including, the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, WW I and WW II memorials as well as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, FDR Memorial, Arlington Cemetery the Pentagon Memorial and the US Marine Corps Memorial. Students did not see all of the Memorials, due to the time and distance restrictions. 

In addition to touring the various Memorials, on Thursday, the Capitals and Patriots were able to start the day by greeting an "Honor Flight" from Kansas.  There were veterans of the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as one WW II Veteran. The students had made signs with the veteran's name on it and many of the veterans took there signs back to Kansas.

More pictures are available on the Rocky Run Flickr page: //