Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests

Information about Spring 2017 Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests

By Gretta Orazen
For Parents
February 10, 2017

Information about Upcoming Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests 

Students in grades 7-8 in our school will be taking the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests from     May 15, 2017 to June 16, 2017.  It will be very helpful if you can avoid appointments which may take your child out of school during this time period.  Also, it will help your child to perform at his or her best if he or she has had a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast and comes to school with a positive attitude.

The Virginia SOL tests are required of all students in grades 3-8 across the state by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).  SOL tests measure the extent to which students have learned the content and skills specified in the Virginia SOLs.  Content areas will be tested according to the schedule below.

Grade Level

Content Areas to be Tested

7 Reading and Mathematics
8 Reading, Mathematics, Civics and Economics, and Science

The purpose of the testing is to provide information about student achievement. Scores from the tests will be used to determine whether students fail to meet standards, are proficient in meeting the standards, or are advanced in the standards.

VDOE and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) have an electronic device policy which is to be followed during all SOL testing. To maintain test security, the possession of these devices (e.g., cell phones/mobile communication devices) in the testing room is prohibited.  If a student is discovered with a prohibited electronic device while in a test environment, the student’s test will be stopped, the electronic device will be confiscated, and the student will be removed from the test environment.  School administrators, consistent with the Acceptable Use Policy and Student Rights & Responsibilities, have authority to search the “item of personal belonging” (e.g., the cell phone or mobile device) if it is believed to contain evidence of a violation of school regulations (in this case, cheating).  School administrators have the right to apply school-based consequences based upon their investigation of the situation.  Please talk to your student about the electronic device policy and the serious consequences of violating it.

The Virginia Board of Education is allowing elementary and middle school students who fail SOL tests by a narrow margin (scoring between a 375 and 399) to be retested before the end of the year provided parental permission is obtained.  If you believe that your student would benefit from a second opportunity to demonstrate proficiency before the end of the school year, should they be eligible for a second attempt, please complete the attached permission slip and return it to your child’s school. A parent decision not to retest will not in any way impact your child’s grade or academic record.

A student performance report with your child’s scores will be mailed to your home in August.

View the letter that was sent home in February 2017 about the upcoming testing

If you have questions, please contact School Test Coordinator, Gretta Orazen at or 703-802-7752.