Welcome to Schoology at RRMS!

Learn how Rocky Run is starting the school year with Schoology.

For Parents
August 18, 2021

RRMS Families: Welcome to /SKOO-luh-jee/ !

  • Schoology is our new Learning Management System this year. Think of it as our replacement for Google Classroom and Blackboard 24/7.
  • Schoology has a connected web conferencing tool - Zoom
  • Schoology works with Google Drive, so your child will still work in their Google Work Space
  • View additional links below for more information about how to access Schoology. 

Get Started with Your Parent Account

FIRST: Activate/access SIS ParentVUE account. View information on how to log in to SIS!

THEN: Log into Schoology. View information on how to log in to Schoology!

SIS and Schoology: What’s the difference?

*Parents use the same log on for both!

SIS (ParentVUE)

Student Information System


Learning Management System (LMS)

Available on SIS:

  • Class Schedules
  • Attendance
  • Grade book (although you will see some grades in Schoology, always refer to SIS for the most accurate grade book)
  • Progress Reports
  • Course History
  • Discipline 
  • Health
  • School Information
  • Update your email address

Available on Schoology:

  • Access your child’s classes
  • Access upcoming assignments and calendar
  • Access various tools designed to facilitate student learning and communication
  • Teacher comments, scores, and feedback on some assignments
  • View school, class, and group announcements
  • Parent Course: specific place for parent communication

Both systems together work to support student learning!   📱Mobile App also available for both

Summary of RRMS Schoology Organization

Student Information Updates for students. Parents do not have access. After school information will be available here.

Family Information Resources and updates for families will be posted here. 

Other Courses: Library, Student Services

Academic Courses Courses are populated by our Student Information System. Teachers will create course images to help students locate courses by period. Class period, teacher name, subject will all be visible. 

Courses not in use Some courses in Schoology will not be used (ex. Team-Taught classes are merged, so one section will not be used). Any course that is not in use will have a “Course Not in Use” image. 

Course Information Folder

Each course will have a folder at the top called “RRMS Course Information”. It will contain information about how to contact the teacher, syllabus, and instructions for how to navigate their course content. 

Teacher’s Back to School Night videos will also be posted in this folder.

Grade Book

Schoology: Feedback on Assignments

SIS: Gradebook of Record

Additional Information

Many teachers will link Google items in Schoology. Unless you are logged into FCPS Google Workspace as your student, you will not be able to view those items. 

Tutorials and tips are located in the Student & Parent Information Courses. 

Access more information on RRMS and FCPS website.