Student Services

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Student Information Assistant

School Counselors

School Social Worker

Mary Wescott


School Psychologist

Christine Gauthier, Rocky Run Middle School: W, F

(703) 802-7728

Elementary School Point of Contact:

  • Brookfield - Esther Bae
  • Bull Run - Caitlin Ivey
  • Greenbriar East - Caitlin Ivey
  • Greenbriar West - Ariana Larson
  • Poplar Tree -Mohammad Zishhan
  • Colin Powell- Ariana Larson
  • Willow Springs - Mohammad Zishhan
  • Other - Esther Bae

Parent Programming

SEL Parent Coffee #1 - Introduction to SEL, Overview of Self-Awareness & Self-Management Tips for Home

Slides & Recording

SEL Parent Coffee #2 - Overview of Relationship Skills, Social Awareness and Responsible Decision Making

Slides & Recording