RRMS 2023 Yearbook Information

RRMS 2023 Yearbooks are on Sale:  Don’t Wait, Buy Now!

Rocky Run Middle School’s 80 page, ALL COLOR yearbooks are now on sale.

Use: www.yearbookordercenter.com to order.

School code is 5333

Or, scan the QR code below and enter school code 5333!

QR code to yearbook order link

Yearbooks will be distributed in June 2023, but preorder now 😊

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Yearbook FAQs

How do I purchase a book?

Visit the online order center at: www.yearbookordercenter.com and use school code 5333.

When are the yearbooks on sale?

Yearbooks are on sale online at www.yearbookordercenter.com from August 2022 until May 1, 2023.

How do I guarantee that my child will get a yearbook?

Preordering from the order center site is the ONLY way to guarantee that your son/daughter will receive a yearbook.  Preordering runs until May 1, 2023

How can I see if my son/daughter bought a book?

Check the announcements on Schoology for a list of buyers posted OR you can go to www.yearbookcenter.com and look up your order.

When will yearbooks be distributed?

Yearbooks will be distributed in early June.

Can I buy a book at the end of the year if I miss the ordering window?

Possibly. If there are extra books, there will be books for sale AFTER the June distribution date.

Note: You are not guaranteed a book unless you preorder through the order center. The books offered at the end of year are only if there are EXTRA books and are often determined by a lottery system. You are NOT guaranteed a book unless you preorder.